Claudine Gay resigns from role as President of Harvard University


Claudine Gay resigned from her position as President of Harvard University yesterday. Her decision came after months of public outcry over how she handled communications after the October 7th attacks, her Congressional hearing testimony, and plagiarism accusations. She will stay on as a faculty member at the University.

What are the facts?

  • President Gay published a letter on October 9, 2023, about the October 7 attack in Israel. President Gay published a follow-up note on October 10, 2023, after criticism for the lack of condemnation of Hamas and the student groups on campus who put all the blame on Israel. Both communications can be read here<.
  • At a Congressional Testimony on December 5, 2023 with President Magill of UPenn and President Kornbluth at MIT, President Gay responded, “It can be. Depending on the context,” to Congresswoman Stafanik’s question, “The answer is yes. And Dr. Gay, at Harvard, does calling for the genocide of Jews violate Harvard’s rules of bullying and harassment, yes or no?” The “context” part of her response was shared across social media, leading to much public outrage over the answer. The full transcript of the hearing can be found here.
  • President Magill resigned from her position on December 9, 2023.
  • President Kornbluth is still in her position.
  • Over 40 accusations of plagiarism in her academic work have been made against President Gay. In one response from Harvard about the allegations – “While the analysis found no violation of Harvard’s standards for research misconduct, President Gay is proactively requesting four corrections in two articles to insert citations and quotation marks that were omitted from the original publications.”
  • President Gay is the first black president at Harvard University.

What are the feelings and opinions?

  • On one side, people are arguing that:
    • President Gay showed bias. In the Congressional hearing, had the question been about calling for the genocide of a different minority group, she would have answered differently.
    • President Gay’s words and actions represent the failings of the DEI movement.
  • On the other side:
    • President Gay’s response at the Congressional hearing was accurate. That it is a context-dependent decision and that the hearing is being weaponized by the Republicans against both Democrats and the DEI movement.
    • Racism is the reason behind demands for her resignation.


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