Lucille Ball Quote About “I Love Lucy” Show


“In 1951-52, our show changed the Monday-night habits of America. Between nine and nine-thirty, taxis disappeared from the streets of New York. Marshall Fields department store in Chicago hung up a sign: ‘We love Lucy too, so from now on we’ll be open Thursday nights instead of Monday.’ Telephone calls across the nation dropped sharply during that half hour, as well as the water flush rate, as whole families sat glued to their seats.”

– Lucille Ball

Portrait of Lucille Ball with an elegant updo hairstyle, adorned with a voluminous pink flower headpiece and a sheer veil. She wears a black top with a large brooch and a full, striped skirt in vibrant shades of blue, pink, and green. Her makeup is classic with red lipstick, and she is seated with a serene expression.
Lucille Ball


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