Hannah Szenes Quote: “Yesterday war broke…


“Horrible! Yesterday war broke out between Italy and Abyssinia. Almost everyone is frightened the British will intervene and that as a result there will be war in Europe. Just thinking about it is terrible. The papers are already listing the dead. I can’t understand people; how quickly they forget. Don’t they know that the whole world is still groaning from the curse of the last World War? Why this killing?  Why must youth be sacrificed on a bloody scaffold when it could give so much that is good and beautiful to the world if it could just be allowed to tread peaceful roads?”

– Hannah Szenes, October 4, 1935

Hannah, sitting in a chair, wearing a dress and smiling with her right leg over her left, at home in Budapest. Photograph taken circa 1937.
Hannah at home in Budapest, circa 1937


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