Photograph of Elsie and Lela Scott, 1910

Photograph of twin sisters, Elsie and Lela Scott. They were two of seventeen children of John and Julia Scott. The family migrated from Louisiana to Indiana and eventually settled in Stafford County, Kansas.

Black and white photograph from 1910 featuring two women standing side by side. Both are dressed in Edwardian era fashion with long dresses, high collars, and full sleeves. The woman on the left wears a light-colored dress with a belted waist, decorative buttons, and a large hat adorned with flowers. The woman on the right is in a white dress with a similar silhouette, accessorized with a wide-brimmed hat. They pose with a studio backdrop that mimics an elegant interior.
Elsie and Lela Scott, 1910


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Sources: Photograph taken in 1910, Kansas / “Wetlands and Wildlife Scenic Byway – Exoduster Children, Elsie and Lela Scott,” Digital Public Library of America, / Stafford County Historical Society, Stafford, KS / National Archives Catalog, NAID: 7722802