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“What we have come here for is to ask just one simple little thing, that this Judiciary Committee should refer this Susan B. Anthony amendment to the House of Representatives. We are simply asking you to do the thing that you can do. I do not think we have to discuss particularly whether suffrage is right or wrong, though we have had speakers here to show that it was a good thing. All we have to ask of you is that you let the House of Representatives decide this question, and we have tried to bring people from all over the United States to show you the desire of women that this should be done.

I want to say just one more thing, that we are an absolutely non-partisan organization, made up of women who are strong Democrats, women who are strong Republicans, women who are Socialists and Progressives—every type of woman. We are all united on this one thing, that we put suffrage above all other question irrespective of how it may help or hurt our own political party. In every election, if we have to go into any future elections, we simply pledge ourselves to this, that we will work just for suffrage and for men or against men according to the position taken on this National suffrage amendment.”

– Alice Paul

Alice Paul, 1915
Alice Paul, 1915

“Alice Paul quote: ‘What we have come…” sources:

Quote taken from Alice Paul statement to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee on December 16th, 1915 – Iowa State University Archives of Women’s Political Communication / Photograph taken in 1915 – Harris & Ewing, photographer. PAUL, ALICE. Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>.


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