Portrait of Zitkála-Šá, 1898.

Historic sepia-toned photograph of Zitkála-Šá, a Native American woman of the Yankton Dakota Sioux. She is posed with a thoughtful expression, seated with one arm resting on a draped surface. She wears traditional attire, including a long dress and an ornate, multi-stranded bead necklace. Her long hair is loose, and the ambient lighting casts soft shadows, enhancing the contemplative mood of the portrait.

Portrait of Zitkála-Šá, 1898.

Zitkála-Šá was born in 1876 on the Yankton Indian Reservation. She became a writer, musician, teacher, a Co-Founder of the National Council of American Indians, and writer of the first American Indian opera.


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“Portrait of Zitkála-Šá, 1898.” sources: Photograph taken by Joseph Turner Keiley / National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution 1898 / Wikipedia