Ada “Bricktop” Smith: a snapshot biography

Bricktop was born in Alderson, West Virginia, in 1894. After her father passed away when she was four, her mother moved the family to Chicago, where Bricktop would spend her youth.

Black-and-white photograph of Ada 'Bricktop' Smith standing by a metal fence on a city street. She wears a mid-length coat, a light-colored dress, and heeled shoes, and is holding a fan in her right hand. The background features a street with a bus and buildings. The photo is signed with a personal note that reads 'To Langston, Regards, Brick, Paris 1924"
Ada ‘Bricktop’ Smith in Paris, 1924

In Chicago, Bricktop began what would be a lifetime in show business. She performed at five in a production of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. By her late teens, she was a dancer and singer, performing all over the country. At twenty, she moved to Harlem and Paris a few years later.

Her Paris life first started with performing. But within a few years, she decided to open a Her Paris life first started with performing. But within a few years, she decided to open a nightclub, the first of a number of endeavors owning and managing nightclubs in Europe, Mexico, and the U.S.

Bricktop was beloved by many. Writers wrote about her; F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “My greatest claim to fame is that I met Bricktop before Cole Porter.”

After retiring from managing clubs in 1961, she said, “I’m tired, honey. Tired of staying up all night.” But she continued performing into her eighties.

Close-up black-and-white portrait of Ada 'Bricktop' Smith wearing a stylish hat with a feather accent. She has a gentle smile, looking directly at the camera, and her attire includes a light-colored dress or coat with a lapel, accessorized with a necklace.
Ada “Bricktop” Smith

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