Quote from Frida Kahlo: “I returned to school…

Quote from Frida Kahlo

“I returned to school, but I felt very sore and had little strength. I took my paintings to Diego, and he liked them a lot, most of all the self-portrait. But of the rest he told me that I was influenced by Doctor Atl and by Montenegro, and that I should try to paint whatever I wanted without being influenced by anyone else. That impressed me a lot, and I began to paint that I believed in. Then the friendship and almost courtship with Diego began. I would go to see him paint in the afternoon, and afterwards he would take me home by bus or in a Fordcito – a little Ford that he had – and he would kiss me.”

– Frida Kahlo

 “Quote from Frida Kahlo: ‘I returned to school…” sources: “Song of herself”; interviews by Olga Campos, Sept. 1950 & translation Salomon Grimberg; Merrell London, New York, 2008 / Frida Kahlo Wikiquote / Portrait of Frida Kahlo taken by her father, Guillermo Kahlo – Wikimedia Commons