Portrait of students at the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania

A sepia-toned 19th-century photograph of three medical school students from diverse cultural backgrounds. From left to right, a young woman is seated in a simple dark dress with a shawl over her shoulders, the middle student stands wearing a traditional Japanese kimono with an obi sash, and the third student is seated, adorned in an elaborate traditional South Asian attire with intricate jewelry and headpiece. They are posed in a studio setting with a patterned carpet and a painted backdrop.

Portrait of Anandibai Gopal Joshi, Kei Okami, Sabat Islambouli. They were international students from India, Japan, and Syria respectively, who were studying at the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania when this portrait was taken in 1885.

Anandibai would graduate in 1886, Kei in 1889 and Sabat in 1890. Anandibai passed away shortly after graduation in 1887 from tuberculosis. Kei and Sabat returned to their respective homes after graduation and practiced medicine there.


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