Maria Montessori: “Education is the best weapon for peace.”

“Education is the best weapon for peace.” – Maria Montessori

Black and white photograph of Maria Montessori sitting at a wicker table, engrossed in reading. She is surrounded by books and there is a plant beside her, indicating a serene study environment. Maria is dressed in period-appropriate attire with her hair styled in an updo.
Maria Montessori, 1913

Maria, born and raised in Italy, first became a physician, but then began working with and researching methods for educating children. In 1906,  at the request of a local community to educate children of working parents in an apartment building for low-income families in Rome, she opened her first school. Soon after, she was focusing her attention full-time on education for children. More schools opened in Italy, then around Europe and soon after in many other parts of the world. 


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