Peter Jackson – A Snapshot Biography

Peter Jackson was one of the best boxers of his time, winning the Australian heavyweight title in 1886.

Though a fighter by profession, he was calm and collected, his demeanor dignified. His movements in the ring were deliberate and precise, a testament to his strategic prowess. Outside of the ring, he stood proud of his race and fought back against discrimination. With force if he had to, but he never used his strength and brawn to bully.

Vintage black and white photograph of Peter Jackson wearing a formal three-piece suit with a pocket square, a watch chain, and a top hat. He stands confidently with one hand on his hip, displaying an air of elegance and poise.
Peter Jackson

After his success in Australia, he moved to the U.S., looking for fighting challenges. Despite his remarkable talent, Peter faced insurmountable barriers from racial discrimination, which tragically limited his opportunities to showcase his skills on a broader stage.

As his boxing life waned, Peter became an actor, touring with the stage production of Uncle Tom’s Cabin in the role of Uncle Tom. Reflecting on the possibility of taking on the role, Peter humbly remarked, “If Uncle Tom is a success, I intend to play it, but it does not do to be too confident.” He approached the role with a diligent perspective and dedication to his craft, saying that “acting is like everything else, it needs practice.”

Peter was a remarkable talent. But sadly, deteriorating health took him from the ring and the stage, and at the young age of 40, he passed away from tuberculosis.

His friends chose to emblazon his tomb with the phrase: “This was a man.”


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