Jean-Jacques Rousseau quote: “I love idleness.”


“I love idleness. I love to busy myself about trifles, to begin a hundred things and not finish one of them, to come and go as my fancy bids me, to change my plan every moment, to follow a fly in all its circlings, to try and uproot a rock to see what is underneath, eagerly to begin a ten-years’ task to give it up after ten minutes: in short, to fritter away the whole day inconsequentially and incoherently, and to follow nothing but the whim of the moment.”

– Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Jean-Jacques Rousseau


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“Jean-Jacques Rousseau quote: ‘I love idleness.’” sources: Portrait of Jean-Jacques Rousseau painted in 1753 by Maurice Quentin de La Tour – Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia Foundation,