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“When I was a young fellow I was knocked down plenty. I wanted to stay down, but I couldn’t. I had to collect the two dollars for winning or go hungry. I had to get up. I was one of those hungry fighters. You could have hit me on the chin with a sledgehammer for five dollars. When you haven’t eaten for two days you’ll understand.”

– Jack Dempsey

Black and white photograph of Jack Dempsey, an early 20th-century boxer, in a classic boxing stance. He is wearing a vintage, sleeveless, one-piece boxing uniform with shorts extending to mid-thigh. Dempsey has a muscular build, with his left fist held close to his chin and his right fist slightly extended, as if demonstrating a boxing technique. He has a confident expression, with slightly tousled hair, looking to his right.
Jack Dempsey

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