Juli Lynne Charlot creates the circle skirt

Juli Lynne Charlot was 25, broke, when in the winter of 1947 she was invited to a holiday party in Los Angeles. Without an outfit to wear or money for a new one, or knowledge of how to sew, she decided to create her own dress for the party.

Juli had access to a free supply of felt, so she took the material and in her words, “cut the circle out of felt, which allowed me to cut a complete circle skirt without having any seams.” She then “added some whimsical Christmas motif appliqués.”

Her skirt was a hit. She received many compliments at the party.

Still in need of money, Juli decided to make two more skirts. She took them to a boutique in Beverly Hills. The owner put the skirts on the floor where they sold immediately. He then placed another order for more, and with that the fashion of circle skirts began.


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