Crystal Eastman: “What is the problem of women’s freedom?”

Crystal Eastman

“What is the problem of women’s freedom? It seems to me to be this: how to arrange the world so that women can be human beings, with a chance to exercise their infinitely varied gifts in infinitely varied ways, instead of being destined by the accident of their sex to one field of activity–housework and child-raising. And second, if and when they choose housework and child-raising to have that occupation recognized by the world as work, requiring a definite economic reward and not merely entitling the performer to be dependent on some man.”

– Crystal Eastman

Source: Crystal Eastman, “Now We Can Begin” (1920).


Michael Jackson quote

Michael Jackson

“Like the old Indian proverb says, do not judge a man until you’ve walked 2 moons in his moccasins.

Most people don’t know me, that is why they write such things in which most is not true. I cry very very often because it hurts and I worry about the children, all my children all over the world, I live for them.

If a man could say nothing against a character but what he could prove, history could not be written.

Animals strike not from malice but because they want to live, it is the same with those who criticize, they desire our blood not our pain.

But still I must achieve I must seek truth in all things. I must endure for the power I was sent forth, for the world for the children.

But have mercy, for I’ve been bleeding a long time now.”

– Michael Jackson, from a handwritten note published in People Magazine in October, 1987.


Wilma Rudolph quote

Wilma Rudolph

“My doctors told me I would never walk again. My mother told me I would. I believed my mother.”

– Wilma Rudolph, who overcome infantile paralysis caused by polio, during which she lost strength in her left leg and foot for many of her early years, to become the first woman to win three gold medals in track and field in one Olympics and set the world record in the 200m dash. This she accomplished as a twenty year old at the 1960 Olympics.

Note: photo is of Wilma from 1960.


Gordon Parks: “I picked up a camera because it was my choice of weapons against what I hated most about the universe: racism, intolerance, poverty.”

Gordon Parks

“I picked up a camera because it was my choice of weapons against what I hated most about the universe: racism, intolerance, poverty. I could have just as easily picked up a knife or a gun, like many of my childhood friends did… most of whom were murdered or put in prison… but I chose not to go that way. I felt that I could somehow subdue these evils by doing something beautiful that people recognize me by, and thus make a whole different life for myself, which has proved to be so.”

– Gordon Parks


Marilyn Monroe quote about going to movies as a kid

Marilyn Monroe

“Some of my foster families used to send me to the movies to get me out of the house and there I’d sit all day and way into the night. Up in front, there with the screen so big, a little kid all alone, and I loved it. I loved anything that moved up there and I didn’t miss anything that happened – and there was no popcorn either.”

― Marilyn Monroe

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