Inez Milholland – A Snapshot Biography

Inez Milholland, circa 1910
Inez Milholland, circa 1910

“I am trying to discharge my own individual debt to society by improving the conditions of life for women and children.”

In her early college years at Vassar, Inez Milholland began advocating for suffrage, campaigning to end a campus ban on discussing women’s right to vote. She gathered students, faculty, and suffrage leaders together for an off-campus discussion about the topic. Inez would continue challenging the ban throughout her college years.

After graduating, Inez continued dedicating herself to suffrage. She participated in and spoke at many marches, where her eloquent and persuasive speaking abilities brought many to listen.

But in 1916, Inez, who was suffering from poor health, collapsed while giving a speech. Shortly after, she passed away. Inez was thirty years old. It was reported that her last words before collapsing were, “Mr. President, how long must women wait for liberty?”

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