The short story of Te Ata Fisher

Te Ata Fisher

Te Ata Fisher was a Chickasaw Native American woman who was born in the late 19th century. Which meant there were many constraints on what she could do in life.
Unfazed by what society said she should be, Te Ata became what she wanted to be.
As a student at the Oklahoma College for Women (now University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma), she worked as an assistant in the theatre department. And it was this position that set the foundation to her career.
Te Ata became a one woman show, creating performances of Native American songs and stories. She performed locally, then nationally and eventually all around the world. She performed at the first state dinner when FDR became president. And she performed for the King and Queen in England.
Te Ata stood proud of her Native American roots, not just as a Chickasaw, but as a Native American. And with this pride and her ability to perform, she helped educate the world about Native American culture.