Doris Day quote about her favorite song

Doris Day

“When I was a teeny little girl, I was in dancing school, and I sang. We had to put a dance to a song, so I went to the 10-cent store one day and looked at all the sheet music.

It was all laid out, and I picked ‘Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries.’ I asked the lady [working in the store] if she could play that for me; this little elderly lady played ‘da, da, da, da, da, doo, doo.”

It was fast and I thought, ‘This is going to be nice for me to dance to.’ Everybody liked it, and it was done in a very fast tempo.

And then [years later] I put it the way it was supposed to be, soft and lovely. It was my favorite. It took me back to when I sang it as a little girl.”

– Doris Day

Doris Day quote about her favorite song source: Portrait of Doris Day taken in 1957 -Wikimedia Commons /