Female bootleggers during prohibition

Female bootleggers

“‘A painted-up doll was sitting in a corner… She had her arms folded and at our command she stood up. But then came the rub. She laughed at us… then defiantly declared to bring suit against anyone who touched her’, an unnamed Ohio “Dry Agent” told the Hamilton Evening Journal in 1924.”

During prohibition some states banned searching women. And even when arrested and prosecuted, juries weren’t keen on finding mothers and grandmothers guilty. One woman received a punishment of attending church every Sunday for two years. Another, a $200 fine and 1 month in jail. This after making $30,000.

Gangs would sometimes have women in cars with alcohol because as in the words of one man, “No self-respecting federal agent likes to hold up an automobile containing women.” This was according to The Boston Daily Globe.

So by some estimates, female bootleggers outnumbered men 5-1. These are just estimates of course. And pictured in the photo are two the bootleggers.

Source: https://rarehistoricalphotos.com/two-female-bootleggers-1921/