Quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald about starting Princeton

“I am now a Princetonian. Its great. Im crazy about it. Today we had the rushes. The Sophs mass in a body in front of the gym and the Freshmen try to rush their way in. You can imagine it. Four hundred Freshmen, among them yours truly, against 380 Sophs. Everything was ruined shirts, jerseys, shoes, socks, trou, hats ect. were strewn over the battle-field. I was completely done up. I was in the front row and a soph and I almost killed each other. I am a mass of bruises from head to foot. When we got in we elected a class President, Vice Pres. and sec. When we came out again the sophs. tried to bust our line. We beat H——— out of them. Then we paraded around the campus, yelling ‘whoop it up for seventeen,’ which is a wonderful song. Then we cheered and sang. Zip!!! This is some place.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald


This quote is from a letter written by F. Scott Fitzgerald on September 26th, 1913. The photo is of him as a student at Princeton.

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