Dr. Rogozov performs surgery on himself

Antarctica, 1961.

Dr. Leonid Rogozov is there as part of a small team of Russian researchers. One day he feels weak, nauseous, and pain in his abdomen. He diagnoses himself with acute appendicitis.

Surgery is necessary for him to get better. But the nearest surgical centers are too far away given time and transportation constraints.

So he decides to have surgery in the research facility.

Under local anesthesia and with assistance from a surgical team of a driver and a meteorologist and a man who serves as backup just in case one of the first two pass out, the doc proceeds to remove his own appendix.

He takes short breaks during the surgery to deal with nausea and vomiting and stress. But after an hour and forty five minutes, he’s done. His close to bursting appendix is out.

He recovers well and goes on to live a long, healthy life.